A Day in the Mountains

Saturday morning felt a little earlier than usual. The night before had seen me up late finishing up a paper, and a 7:00 wake up that morning. Nevertheless, I got ready and packed my gear into my daypack. A little later, my friend Tay picked me up, and we started the drive out to the Bunya Mountains. We met up with Shannon and Matt, and made our way across the Queensland bush country toward the mountain rage. We arrived in time for a picnic lunch, and I discovered a whole family of wild wallabies, a smaller version of a kangaroo, just a few yards away from our table. We started in on the mountain trail, which felt like deep rain-forest. I found a tree to climb, and rocks to climb, and basically took as many pictures as I could. From the jungle-like terrain, to small but beautiful waterfalls, to breathtaking mountain views, there was a lot to capture. Afterward, we drove down the mountains to a swimming hole, which was fun, but that water was beyond cold! It was an awesome day-trip with friends in some of the most beautiful parts of Australia I’ve seen yet.

The drive was cool by itself…
…The views great too.


Think this is the first time I walked through a tree.
I call it: flying hiker.
Bunya trees are huge.
You know I had to climb it.


Wallaby sighted!
They have embraced me as one of their own.
So, overall, awesome trip.


Psst… if you made it all the way to the bottom of this post, congratulations!! Your prize is a link to a video of the trip!!! https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ar0R-yQxbTPpikM2QLFs4V4d5P1g





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